Entry & Eligibility Requirements

General Information

Competition Dates

June 24 – 26, 2024

Entry Deadlines

Domestic USA — June 12, 2024

International (requiring Cola Waiver) — June 6, 2024
For assistance with International Entries: info@mint-ventures.com

Product Delivery Deadline

Entries will be received from April 1, 2024 - June 12, 2024 only.

Please read the "Shipping Information" below carefully to ensure that your products arrive on time.


Early Early Bird Entry ( January 15 – January 28, 2024 )*$80 (online) $95 (by check) per submission – Save up to $55 per entry
* Must complete registration and pay within 30 days

Early Bird Entry ( January 29 – February 11, 2024 )*$100 (online) $115 (by check) per submission – Save up to $40 per entry
* Must complete registration and pay within 30 days

Regular Entry ( February 12 – May 19, 2024 ) — $120 (online) $135 (by check) per submission

Late Entry ( May 20 – June 10, 2024 ) — $140 (online) $155 (by check) per submission

Payments — Payment for online entries can be made by credit card by following the ENTER NOW buttons through the website.

*To pay by Check:
Las Vegas Global Wine Awards
7582 Las Vegas Blvd S. Ste 777
Las Vegas, Nevada 89123

If payment is not received by the deadline above, entries will not be judged, and wines will not be returned.

Gold & Platinum Awards

Gold awards will receive points from the preliminary panels between 90-95. Platinum awards will receive points from preliminary panels between 96-100. All unanimous Golds in the preliminary rounds will be elevated to Platinum with the opportunity to be considered for the final sweepstakes round and Best Of Show. All Best of Class wines will also receive tasting notes from the panel chair.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Any and all commercially-produced Wines worldwide are welcome and eligible to enter.
  • All entries must be listed on the official entry form.
  • All entries submitted on time will be judged. If your submission gets stuck in customs, as does happen very rarely, don’t worry! We will assemble a small tasting panel for your entry. To avoid this, however, please read the "Shipping Information" below carefully to ensure that your products arrive on time.
  • In addition to your entry form, please email the following information to info@lvgwsa.com.
    • Link to each brand’s website
    • JPG file of your brand artwork (Bottle Shot and/or Hi-Res Logo)
    • Staff Relations Contact (Name, Phone, Email)
    • Up to Date Brand Information (i.e. available in what markets domestically and internationally, info on Winery, information unique to your brand)
  • Each submission must include FOUR (4) 700/750ml bottles of product or larger. Please contact us directly if your production is in smaller volume.
  • Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any additional questions.

Shipping Information

*** Please feel free to contact us directly at admin@lvgwsa.com or by phone at 725.286.2988 for additional support if you are a large organization submitting 4+ Wines

Where to Ship Your wines

Please ship 4 bottles of 750 ml per entry to:
Tian Beverage Distributors / One Up Wine & Spirits
c/o Las Vegas Global Wine Awards
5240 S. Decatur Blvd. Ste. 8
Las Vegas, NV 89118

You will be sent an additional packing label to be included on all packages.

Mark all packages: SAMPLE ONLY NOT FOR SALE

  • Please contact us at 01.725.286.2988 if you have any questions, special requests, or if you need any other information to assist you entering the competition.
  • Again, entries must ship FOUR (4) bottles of each wine submitted for judging. See above "Eligibility and Requirements" for details.
  • Shipments will be accepted Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. Wine shipped to any address other than the one above will be disqualified and entry fees will not be returned.
  • The Las Vegas Global Wine Awards or any of its officers or associates is not be responsible for the safety of the Wine from theft or damage by fire, accident, vandalism, or other causes. The entrant expressly waives and releases any claim or demand that they may have against any of them because of any damage to, or loss of, any product entered in the competition.